Saturday, April 9, 2016

Let the projects begin!

So I started my new part time job at Joann's this week.

And I resisted.  I have not bought any new yarn...  or many of the other things I now want...  yet...

But as I am working I am looking at all of the things around me and thinking to myself, "I can make that...  oh I could definitely use that!...  I think I need that...  I could use that for ____..."

It has inspired me to get cracking on the projects I have on my mental list, because I vowed not to start anything before I finish those.  Period.  Some I have been looking forward to making (like my first batch of cold process soap) but haven't set aside time to do it, others I have been nervous about trying (like the quilt I have stripped out but haven't started sewing together) but now am ready to give it a go! 

So being a cold and yucky weekend (it actually snowed here in MD this morning), let the projects begin!

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