Monday, April 4, 2016

The cool thing about custom crochet...

One of the cool things about being able to crochet or ordering custom crochet is that you can make things or buy them in any color scheme you can come up with.  I have many times come up with an idea in my head about a pillow or bedspread that I want, only to not be able to actually find it in those colors.  Now I can imagine and create anything I want! 

(Of course I had to promise my husband I wouldn't be an old lady with her whole house covered in crochet.)

I have been crocheting and creating so many different things lately, that I completely forgot that sometimes it's ok to make something just for me!  We are awaiting our new couch, which we are so excited about since our current couch was very inexpensive and now after 8 years and 3 small boys is very beat up.  So now I am finally taking a break from making things for others or my shop, and spending a few evenings making something just for me - a pillow to match our new couch and new rug in our living room, and coordinate it with our paint colors.  And I don't have to shop for it or spend hours on the internet searching for what I want, I can simply imagine and create!

Need something new for your new home, new room, or just want something to update your current décor?  Visit my shop to get pattern ideas, and then simply imagine!  Or have you seen something online that I don't have in my shop?  Send me a link to check it out and let me see if I can create it for you.  I love learning new patterns!

My basket weave stitch pillow started!

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