Friday, June 3, 2016

I just love a good before and after!

Been working hard on redoing pieces I have and pieces I've bought.  This is just too much fun!  I now daydream of taking a vacation driving up and down the east coast stopping in antique stores and thrift stores and flea markets...  Anyone else with me?

And I really do now appreciate a good before and after...  Here's mine!

Here's an old handmade wooden step stool I found
After I painted and distressed in grey and white

An old not-so-attractive find from the antique mall

After I refinished and distressed in white

Our old kitchen stool in need of love

After painting, distressing, and putting on a new fabric

Learning is so easy thanks to things like YouTube.  Whatever you want to do there is a video telling you and showing you exactly how - so get to learning!  I am just baffled by people who say they are bored; there is so much to learn and do!  Now on to the next project and some more fun...

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