Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So many things to do with mason jars!

So many things to do with mason jars!  As I look for how to make a specific project with them, I find more and more ideas for things to do.  Who knew?

Love putting these jars with flowers around the house, giving it a nice spring and summer look.

I also like my newest creations that my hubby inspired me to make - a patriotic, flag set of jars with lights in them.  Great for a table centerpiece, especially out on the patio table with all the Memorial Day and Fourth of July parties coming up!

Here's what I did on my dining room table

Plus you can put in a nice colorful potpourri and put a crochet doily on top...

Or just add a collection of buttons! 

Enjoy coming up with many more simple ideas.  They can be used for anything!

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