Friday, May 13, 2016

Never buy Swiffer Duster refills again!

I am learning that I get the most satisfaction out of making things for the home, whether it be a crochet blanket, or refinishing furniture.  I also really like making and sharing about useful items that can save you money!
Like these.  You will never have to buy those Swiffer refills again. 
I have been using a ribbed crochet Swiffer duster cover made from acrylic yarn that can be thrown right in the washer when I am done using it, then putting another one on to use next time (sometimes that next time is an hour later with my boys and their messes!).  Switching between 2 of them, I don't need to buy another refill, ever.  I also have used my Thieves cleaner spray from Young Living on floor spots and spills and cleaning it up using this crochet cloth.  Now that's useful!
I will be adding these on my Etsy shop, selling them in groups of 2. 

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