Tuesday, May 10, 2016

DIY Country Shelves!

I found an amazing way to make what I will never have enough of in my house - shelves.  They are simple and inexpensive to make; they just take a little time and effort.  And I love how they are turning out.  What are they?
Pallet shelves!
Here's how to make them:
Step 1 -  Retrieve a pallet from the many areas around town where businesses lay them out for people to have for free!

Step 2 - Cut the pallet.  You can make 2 shelves from each pallet, one from each end.  For my first shelves I enlisted my hubbies help, though he is teaching me to do this part myself too.  You then need to remove a board from the middle and use it as a bottom to your shelf. 

Step 3- Sand it till it's smooth.  You will be amazed how nice it looks after a good sanding. 

Step 4- Stain or paint it.  I choose to paint mine white, though for variety when I am selling these (yes you can order one from me~ though they are too heavy to ship if you can meet and pick it up I can make one for you!) I will stain them as well. 

Step 5 - Distress it or finish it.  I love the distressed look, so after painting mine I sanded it again to give it that old vintage country look.  If you have stained it, you would want to put a nice coat of varnish on it now. 

Step 6 - Fill it up, hang it up, and enjoy!  I am still working on this step, as it is a heavy shelf and I will need help finding studs and using wall anchors to put it up.  But I am liking playing around with the possibilities of what to put on it! 

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